To Our Devoted Fans,

Recently the Atlantic League joined the chorus of other sports leagues and delayed the start of the season. Instead of lamenting this virus we are working to cement previously new ideas as well as brainstorming innovative, even newer ideas.

For this communique, we will update you on what we are doing in the office and how we are preparing for that eventual Opening Day. We will also have a brand-new offer at the conclusion.

Like most organizations, our team is working from home with a few exceptions. We do have someone at the stadium during business hours every day. Tyler Stamm (our General Manager) and myself (El Presidente) split up in two-week cycles. This way, if either of us exhibits coronavirus symptoms, we should have continuity of leadership. Chris Parsons (our Assistant General Manager) is also with Tyler. Jen Schwarz (Vice President of Ticketing) will be on the shift with me as we always need someone at the stadium that knows our new ticketing system. Doug Failing (Director of Operations) will also be at the stadium as his work is mostly outdoors right now (overseeing the new video board install, new drainage in the playground and power washing, among other things).

For Legends (our concessionaire), they will have one person at the stadium for about four hours each day.

What is everyone doing?

For the most part, we are speaking with our customers and making sure they are doing OK. We are also preparing for the eventual return of baseball and a time where we can all be together again. Just like winter in Game of Thrones: Opening Day Is Coming. We just don't know when. As such, there are promotional dates tied to specific events that will probably not happen this year, and we will need to warehouse the boxes. In our building, that’s a bit tricky as we have limited storage and are already housing all of the Sugar Land Holiday Lights equipment.

Once we answer the question of when the season will begin, we also have to know how many games to play. Are we doing a modified half-season? Or are we going to compress a quasi-full season with planned doubleheaders? Once we have those answers, we need to re-schedule all of our team flights for the season. We also have to reorganize the promotional schedule, finalize the hiring of our game-day teams plus tens of thousands of things we would do in the offseason compressed into a week or so. We are going to have some slow weeks that culminate into a mad dash of preparation.

An offer? 

Since this is uncharted territory, we are not sure if offers and deals are appropriate. However, just like every business out there right now, we need to keep the lights on as long as possible. Since we know we are going to play at some point and we hope that you will want to join us, how about an offer that gets you here but saves you as much as possible?

Each fall, we make a one-day sale on un-dated flex books, basically tickets for when you want to come out, with no assigned days. We are going to do something similar but add four extra tickets—a total of 14 undated tickets at $110, a savings of $100 - or 47%. Please, though, when you come out, buy a hot dog or two ... or three.

We will update things as we know them - here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and on our website. Next week we will provide some updates from our sponsors and what they are doing to keep their lights on. After that, if we don't have anything newsworthy, then we will send out some good recipes or solid shows for binge-watching.

We will get through this together.

Christopher Hill
Sugar Land Skeeters

Below is a link to the official site for the Center for Disease Control in order to provide information regarding safety and prevention of the spread of COVID-19. 

If you have any questions for us, please call 281-240-4487.