Meet Swatson


Swatson's humble beginnings have prepared him to make the big leap into the political world. Since he was a tiny little larva, he has dreamed of changing the world and helping others. As a child, he was bullied for being different from the other mosquitos in his classes. At first, Swatson struggled to find his purpose in life but after seeing how other children were bullied like he was...he had to do something. He was always someone that would pick up littered trash along the sidewalk or recycling that was thrown in the trash. Swatson even came back to his childhood swamp to see it littered with trash! Swatson just could not believe that people would do this to the home where he grew up. He was raised to appreciate the environment he lived in and was surprised to see that not everyone lived by those same standards.

In his efforts though, Swatson realized that while everyone talked about the importance of recycling, no one really practiced what they preached. After seeing that happen in real-time, Swatson knew he was going to be the one to change that. From there, he decided to use his voice (squeaks) to prevent bullying in schools across the country.

The first move in his political career began at the City Council where he came up with many new policies to benefit the city. Swatson soon realized that as much as he loved the work he was doing, he wanted to do more and make an even bigger impact. Soon after he would run for mayor and win!

Mayor Swatson was a valuable asset to the city of Sugar Land. The recycling and anti-bullying initiatives he passed helped to change the town and it got more people to come to Skeeters games as well.

When reelection time came around for the mayoral race, Swatson decided he wanted more. From there he made his way up to the Texas state government office. Swatson used his previous experience as mayor to help better the state of Texas. 

But even then, it wasn’t enough for him so he decided to run for President. His policies during his run for president will stay true to what they have been since he dreamed of running for office.

Campaign Manager

Sallie Weir - Campaign Manager

Ms. Weir joins Swatson's campaign with a plethora of experience managing political campaigns and being a vocal leader in the Houston community. She first got her start in politics in the first grade, winning Class President by a landslide vote after voguing to "Leave No Child Behind" when it came to chocolate milk in the cafeteria. Since then, she's proven to be a model citizen, guiding over 500 elderly citizens through crosswalks. serving out thousands of bowls of soup to the less fortunate and has never heard someone sneeze without saying "Bless You." Due to Swatson's inability to speak, it's imperative he has a campaign manager with not only a strong vocal presence but the ability to lead by example, and Sallie Weir is just the person for the job.

Kitchen Cabinet

Greg Hodges

If you've ever wondered how a Skeeter can be so good at money: it's Greg. His hobbies include saving state quarters for his collection and placing his money into savings. Without Greg, Swatson would probably buy all the mosquito repellant in the world so no one could have one. He also keeps Swatson from buying too much silly string to protect the staff from any mischief.

Ashley Richter

Ashley, otherwise known as Mother Skeeter, keeps the show running. Ashley would say that without her, everything would be chaos. Swatson has her to thank for many things in his campaign and in his time at the Skeeters.

Megan Brown

Without Megan, Swatson would not be the mosquito he is today. Her guidance has helped the Skeeters mascot fit through doors and not knock over children when walking to and from places.

Field Box

Megan Murnane

Megan brings vast social media knowledge to Swatson's campaign. When she's not posting selfies to her own pages or dancing on Tiktok, she's reaching out to potential voters. Her savvy skills can entice even the unlikeliest of voters.

Ryan Posner

If you want something done and you want it done well...Ryan is your guy. He's the guy behind the scenes helping get the (ethical) votes. His favorite things to watch on TV are the Swatson campaign ads he helped on and Disney Channel.

Chris Parsons

Audiences would agree, there is nothing this man can’t do. If you love your Swatson bobbleheads, this guy is the one to thank. As one of the creative members on the team, Parsons helps with all the cool things given out at games. According to Swatson, Chris is really just there to help him look good.

Troy Young

As a film creator, Troy has experience reaching all types of people. His heartwarming videos could rival any commercial playing “Arms of the Angel.” His love for public service came about after he rescued a kitten from a tree on his way to work one day. One day when his next movie becomes an Oscar-winning masterpiece, he will have this campaign to thank for his inspiration.

Chris Hill

Mr. Chris Hill’s first love has always been baseball. For him, Swatson’s presidential run is the perfect opportunity to make baseball the official sport of the United States. Chris has many years of experience that will benefit the campaign. He will want to visit every baseball stadium across the country but it’s nothing he can’t handle. 



As part of the Foundation’s Deacon’s Dugout initiative, the Skeeters began a three-year campaign with the Alief YMCA to support new tee-ball and coach pitch leagues targeted to economically disadvantaged kids for the surrounding neighborhoods. In 2018, the campaign’s third year, the Foundation donated a total of $5,000 to cover the players’ registration fees and to provide uniforms, a ball and a glove to all participants.


The Foundation recently donated $5,000 to The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston in an effort to support their BatterUp Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston/Richmond/Rosenberg. This program provides summer leagues, instructional sessions and clinics for the children to attend in order to not only teach the fundamentals of the sport, but to improve the overall coordination and health of the youth. The Boys & Girls Club can be seen wearing jerseys with the Skeeters logo and parading the Championship Flag during their season.


Along with Alief YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club, the Skeeters Foundation also donated $5,000 to Parks Youth Ranch to purchase outdoor workout station equipment for their resident youths. Each piece of equipment is specifically tailored to utilize and strengthen different muscles throughout their body. The Foundation also donated $5,000 to The Arc of Fort Bend County to send their children to the Special Olympics. The Arc helps these athletes to enhance their physical abilities and achieve milestones that would not otherwise be possible.

50/50 RAFFLE – NEW IN 2018

This year the Foundation is excited to announce the 50/50 Raffle, a new addition to each Skeeters home game. Each game, fans will have the opportunity to “get rich or donate trying” by purchasing raffle tickets with half of the overall jackpot going to the winner and the other half benefiting the Skeeters Baseball Foundation to help make a huge difference in the community. So far, the 50/50 Raffle has raised over $8,000 to benefit the Foundation and rewarded $10,000 to the winners.


On Monday, April 30, 2018 the Foundation hosted its annual Golf Fore Skeeters event at TopGolf-Katy. With over 23 teams participating, a total of $15,000 was generated. The gold medal went to the team from PG Professional Golf with Yellowstone Landscape receiving the silver medal and the Houston Marriott Energy Corridor receiving the award for lowest score of the day.

The fourth annual Skeeters Baseball Foundation Kickball Classic, held on September 23, 2017 at Constellation Field, was a huge success raising over $15,000. Local area businesses joined together for a day of fun-filled kickball competition in support of the Skeeters Foundation.

Over 200 players participated in the tournament, with Fluor Cares taking home the Carl Favre Memorial Trophy for first place and the Sugar Land Skeeters team taking second place. “You’re Kicking Me Smalls” of Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony was awarded best team name and Pisula Development’s team, “Royal Pitches,” won the best costume award. Taking second place for their costumes was Radley Staffing’s “Kickaholics” and “New Kicks on the Block” of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land also took second for their team name.

This year, the fifth annual Skeeters Kickball Classic will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at Constellation Field. For more information and to sign up, call 281-207-9112 or email [email protected].


Core Values

As a nation we must come together to protect all giant green mosquitos. 

Keep Constellation Field clean!

As a nation we must all support the Skeeters and attend their games.

Make friends with everyone!

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