Swatson Appearance Request

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Click here to view and download Swatson's coloring pages!

A very special thank you to Ava Buric (@mascotdrawings) for creating the artwork for Swatson's Reading Program book and coloring pages!


Height: Really Tall
Weight: 1 Ton of Fun!
Birthplace: Sugar Land, Texas
Favorite Song: "Fly" - Sugar Ray
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs & Cracker Jacks
Favorite Movie: A Bug's Life
Celebrity Crush: Emma S-Watson
Likes: Hugs, High-Fives, and Skeeter Fans
Dislikes: Car Windshields and Fly Swatters

Swatson would love to hear from you! Email him at Swatson@sugarlandskeeters.com


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Deacon's Dugout Ticket Giveback

The Deacon’s Dugout initiative aims to serve youth/family groups and non-profit organizations that might not otherwise be able to attend a game, as well as recognize and honor deserving individuals and/or families. Someone can submit the application for themselves or in honor of someone else that they believe is deserving of a night out at a Skeeters game. The Skeeters will provide up to 20 tickets to qualifying groups for the selected date.

Recognizing an individual/family examples:

  • Individual/small group that they would like recognized for outstanding job/attitude, etc. (ex: teacher of the year, employee of the month, anyone they feel has gone above and beyond)
  • Family/individual affected by a tragic event (natural disaster, loss of a loved one, job loss, etc.)
  • Family with a sick child that could use a care-free night

Organizations/individuals may submit the application form below to be considered. Not all groups may qualify. A Skeeters representative will be in touch regarding any Deacon’s Dugout ticket requests.

*If you are requesting tickets for a fundraising event (Auction, raffle, etc.), please fill out and submit a Donation
Request form.

Donation Requests

The Skeeters support in-kind donation requests submitted by qualifying for nonprofit organizations with 501c3 tax status. Requirements and Donation Information:

  • Proper donation request form must be submitted in order to be considered. Must be a qualifying nonprofit organization to receive a donation. 501c3 form is required upon request.
  • We cannot provide donations to individuals, appreciation awards, or for employee/customer appreciation raffles or prizes. (Please see Deacon's Dugout Ticket Giveback if you are interested in individual/group recognition or looking to bring your nonprofit group to a game.)
  • The Skeeters goal is to assist as many groups as possible every year, so donations are limited to one per calendar year per organization and are also limited to the Greater Houston Area.
  • The Skeeters are unable to make monetary donations or provide sponsorships.
  • All donations must be picked up at the Sugar Land Skeeters Front Office located at Constellation Field.
  • Donation requests are usually filled a month out from the event. Requests must be received at least six (6) weeks prior to your event.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we are unable to accept phone calls regarding the status of your request; all communication from the Skeeters will come via e-mail. *Denotes Required Fields.