Skeeters Summer Reading Program

The Sugar Land Skeeters understand the importance of students to continue reading over the summer to help retain knowledge and skills learned the previous school year. Students who do not take the time to read over the summer are at risk of falling behind their classmates. To help encourage these students, the Skeeters are rewarding them with FREE tickets to a Skeeters game.

The Skeeters Summer Reading Program is open to children in pre-K all the way through seniors in high school. In order to participate, the student must complete the bookmark, have a parent or guardian sign off on it, and then bring it to the stadium to receive their two tickets.

Bookmarks can be redeemed for tickets to the following games:

June 26 | 7:05 PM - 
Dollar Dog Wednesday
June 30 | 6:05 PM - Swatson's Birthday
July 14 | 6:05 PM - Sunday Funday
July 31 | 7:05 PM - Dollar Dog Wednesday
August 4 | 6:05 PM - Sunday Funday
September 1 | 6:05 PM - Sunday Funday

Download the bookmark HERE!

Questions? Contact Sallie Weir at 281-207-9155 or