What's New at Constellation Field

This offseason, we have been hard at work to make improvements to the stadium, food and beverage, and the fan experience. We want to highlight some of the exciting changes you will see for the 2018 season.

Skeeters on the Field

This season, fans are going to see a change to the Skeeters baseball team. We are excited to have Pete Incaviglia as the new field manager, leading the charge to another Atlantic League Championship. In addition, fans will see many new faces on the playing field, including a number of players with Major League experience. Skeeters fans will also have more opportunities to interact with the team during the 2018 season.

Team Store - The Buzz Stop

We’ve also added a number of new items in our team store, including new apparel, Swatson packs and much more. Each homestand there will also be an “Item of the Game,” featuring a discounted store item available to fans.

New Skeeters Website and Social Media Presence

The Skeeters are excited to roll out a new team website for the 2018 season that’s more user-friendly and looks great!Fans will have easier access to Skeeters news and information, along with a smoother process for purchasing tickets.In addition to the new website, fans will see new social media posts and content.In addition to the popular Skeeters Dish, we will bring new shows to keep fans further informed about the team and everything else going on at Constellation Field.

Food and Beverage

Legends has worked hard during the offseason to make improvements in food quality, service and new menu items, including chicken wings, buffalo chicken dumplings, tamales and wine on tap. Legends has also made changes to its processes to ensure efficiency in getting orders out to fans.

New Constellation Field Features

Our carousel in the Memorial Hermann Children's Play Land has served our fans for six wonderful seasons and will be retiring for the upcoming season. This year, we are renovating the Play Land to include a sport court in place of the carousel for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Fan Experience

The Skeeters Operations staff has worked on many areas of the ballpark this offseason and one of the areas of concern from fans was the audio levels during the game.The audio system has been recalibrated and any damaged speakers have been repaired.This season, fans will enjoy more fun videos on the Texas-sized video board, along with more crowd interactions during the game and between innings.

50/50 Raffle

Something new that fans will also see this season is the 50/50 raffle at Constellation Field. Fans can purchase raffle tickets and a random winner will be drawn and receive half of the proceeds raised from ticket purchases. The other half of the proceeds will go to the Skeeters Baseball Foundation to be donated back to the community.

We are excited to get the 2018 season underway on April 27 and we hope you will join us to root on the Skeeters on Opening Day!