Thankful Thursday: The Skeeters Thank the Constellation Technicians and Specialists Contuing to Work During This Time

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our biggest heroes aren’t wearing capes, leaping from building-to-building while fighting crime.

They’re people who simply continue to do their jobs, staying focused on the betterment of others.

Certainly, falling into that category, are the service technicians with Constellation, the official energy provider of the Skeeters, that continue to provide essential work to homes all around the Houston area.

“These people don’t go out looking for recognition,” said Constellation General Manager, National Home Services, Patrick Reeve.

“Constellation technicians continue to serve our customers. Now, more than ever, customers are relying on brands that they trust.”

Constellation is still providing essential air conditioning, water heating and electrical services to its customers. The technicians, home comfort specialists and authorized service providers have maintained their service to customers in need.

“The safety of our customers, employees and authorized service providers is our top priority,” Reeve said. “Our customer care team has instituted screening questions for customers scheduling service in order to best respond to each situation.”

Before arriving at homes, Constellation technicians and specialists are communicating the guidelines in place to ensure the safety of their customers. Constellation has also provided its team with training from Certified Safety and Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, including protocols for cleaning and disinfecting and appropriate personal protection equipment.

The Sugar Land Skeeters are proud of our relationship with Constellation and are incredibly grateful for the technicians and specialists who continue to go to work day in and day out amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, please visit Constellation’s Official Website.