Skeeters Debut 'Skeeters Pitch Back' Program to Support Local Nonprofits

SUGAR LAND - The Sugar Land Skeeters today announced the debut of their “Skeeters Pitch Back” program to support non-profit organizations in the Greater Houston area. 

The Skeeters have continually offered non-profit organizations the ability to fundraise through the sale of tickets to Skeeters baseball games. However, starting in 2020, the Skeeters will be offering 501(c)(3) charities the ability to receive an even split on the revenue generated from their ticketing fundraisers. 

In past seasons, the Skeeters had offered $4 back to non-profit organizations per each $14 field box ticket sold during ticketing fundraisers. In 2020, when a 501(c)(3) charity holds a ticketing fundraiser, it will receive $7 back for each $14 field box ticket sold through the fundraiser.

“To my knowledge, no team in the nation is offering a pitch back this large and we’re thrilled to create this one-to-one partnership with our local charities,” said Skeeters President Christopher Hill. “We are almost doubling the money available to non-profits this season and we look forward to raising more funds for the great things that they do.” 

The Skeeters held a kick-off event for "Skeeters Pitch Back" on Thursday night at Constellation Field, hosting several of the non-profits that will benefit from the program. In attendance was Hope for Three CEO Darla Farmer, who holds an annual “Strike Out Autism” event at Constellation Field every season. 

“The Sugar Land Skeeters have been a community partner since inception and their friendship helped us raise $450,000 from our annual event, ‘Strike Out Autism,’” Farmer said. “They are a tremendous support to Hope For Three and we are thrilled to see them expand their efforts to further serve communities."

For charities looking to get involved with "Skeeters Pitch Back," please email [email protected]