Prasek's Family Smokehouse Lends a Helping Hand to Community

Prasek's Family Smokehouse is accustomed to delving out heavy portions of their award-winning sausage and other items to their many patrons. 

But even they may have outdone themselves in terms of quantity this year. 

Prasek’s, a proud partner of the Sugar Land Skeeters, served approximately 10,000 soldiers, veterans and families at Fort Hood this past October in support of Cowboys 4 Heroes. They served 2,500 pounds of sausage and were prepared to serve up to as many as 20,000 people. 

“Prasek’s Family Smokehouse is proud to partner with Cowboys 4 Heroes and combine our beliefs and efforts to assist our military families. Providing a family meal will give them a little break from the kitchen,” said Prasek’s Generals Manager of Retail Operations, Duane Korenek.  “It is our civic duty to support our veterans. Food is our business so we will do it with sausage, burgers and hot dogs.”

This is not the first time that Prasek’s has donated a large quantity of food to a worthwhile cause. 

This past March, once again in support of Cowboys 4 Heroes, they donated 2,000 meals as part of the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show Armed Forces Day. In April, there were 2,880 meals donated to Gallery Furniture to help feed the less fortunate amidst the pandemic. 

In 2019, Prasek’s donated a combined 14,000 meals to the Houston Food Bank, Victoria Food Bank and Christ’s Kitchen - Victoria. 

“Prasek’s is built on strong family values and there are families in need; that’s why we are doing this,” said Vice President and GM of production and sales for Prasek’s Family Smokehouse  Mike Prasek, Jr. in 2019.  “We support as many causes as we can including the needy, military veterans, law enforcement and countless non-profits. It’s part of Prasek’s culture. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. Texas has a reputation of being friendly. In giving, we stay true to our deep-rooted Texas traditions.”

In a year where many have needed an extra hand in finding where their next meal might be, the Skeeters are proud to partner with an organization like Prasek’s that displays such dedication and thoughtfulness toward its community.