We're so excited to be bringing baseball back to Constellation Field this summer! We know things are looking a LOT different this year, but we're here to answer any questions you may have about your experience with us. See a list of frequently asked questions below - we'll be updating this page as we gather more information, so please check back for any updates or other questions you may have!

Check out our full COVID Readiness Plan HERE.

Why was the Constellation Energy League created?

Over the course of the pandemic, over 1,000 minor league baseball players were released from their affiliates. A season without baseball for someone in the prime of their development years could severely damage their career. We’ve always prided ourselves on being an organization that provides second chances and in this current climate we once again saw an opportunity for that. The idea started with a simple conversation between Roger Clemens and our President Christopher Hill. Since then, thanks to the Zlotnik family, we’ve been working around the clock to get this league all ready to go! Rosters for the four teams will be announced sometime over the next week.

Along with being a place for players to continue their development, we understand our role in the community as a family-friendly entertainment venue. We know people are itching to get out of the house and resume going to events once again and we want to safely serve that role in the community once again. 

Will I be required to wear a face guard?

Yes, you will be required to wear a facial guard when entering and exiting Constellation Field. You will also be required to wear a facial guard whenever social distancing is not possible. That includes when fans are at concession stands as well as walking on the concourse. If you are at your socially distanced seat once inside the stadium you may remove your facial guard if you choose. Patrons who do not abide by our facial guard protocols will be asked to leave the facility. 

What kind of safety measures will be put into place for fans, Skeeters staff and players?

We will be releasing to the public our entire health and safety plan for the Constellation Energy League within the next few days.

Will hand sanitizer be available for fans?

Yes, we will have hand sanitizer stations at the gates for entry and exit into Constellation Field as well as other designated locations throughout the ballpark. We will also have signage throughout Constellation Field with best social distancing and hygiene practices as well as reads from our public address announcer to reinforce those practices. 

How does seating work with social distancing?

The Skeeters staff has fitted the ballpark to accommodate social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC. There will be approximately 1,800 seats for any given game, compared to our regular capacity of 7,500 fans. Fans will not be able to pick out their field-box seats like they normally would be able to for a Skeeters game. Fans will receive the best available seats based on the social distancing measures and the size of their group. 


Parking will be included with every ticket in order to limit contact between fans and Skeeters associates. 

Will any parts of Constellation Field be closed during games?

Yes, due to advice from medical professionals, we will not be opening the Memorial Hermann playground, the splash pad, the sport court or inflatable area during games. These areas will be cordoned off during games. We will still be keeping the Bud Light Ice House, H-E-B Picnic Plaza and Grassland open. 

What is the league schedule?

Our schedule is available on our site under the 'Schedule' tab. Tickets are set to go on sale Wednesday, June 24 and can be purchased online by visiting the 'Tickets' tab on our site.