Constellation Field can comfortably accommodate up to 7,500 people, making it the perfect choice for your next large event of festival. With spacious and convenient parking, plenty of indoor and outdoor facilities, an on-site full-service catering company, and talented, experienced staff members, we can successfully execute event the largest of events. 

Our expansive parking lot and entire stadium are available for event bookings throughout the year. In the past we have had the pleasure of hosting marathons, concerts, graduations, proms, worship services, cheer competitions and numerous sporting events (including cricket competitors and lacrosse, football, soccer, softball, and baseball game). 

However, the possibilities are certainly not limited to any list. If you have an idea for an event and want to use our stadium and/or parking lot, we would be happy to make accommodations for you. For more information, please feel free to contact our Events department for a free tour. 

For more information on full stadium events, contact Matt Thompson 

Call: 281.207.9128

Email: [email protected]